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Intrusion Detection Applications

Early Warning Means Intruder Prevention | Intrusion Detection Systems

Terminus Shock Detection Systems consist of advanced Shock Sensors and Processors. Our shock sensors can be mounted on almost any structure such as windows, walls, roofs, safes, vaults, ATMs, and night depositories. Their corresponding Processors work with all alarm panels and can monitor up to 50 Shock Sensors per zone.

The Terminus Shock Sensor works where many fail, due to its unique dual-activated control system that signals an alarm. When an intruder approaches or touches the perimeter, his or her shock waves cause the dual elements to momentarily bounce off reliable, gold-plated electrical contacts. An open circuit then sends a signal to the Processor, which analyzes and reports its status to the main alarm control panel for faster intruder detection.

The key advantage to Terminus Shock Detection Systems is its ability to alert customers of an entry attempt before the intruder enters a secure area – unlike conventional intrusion detection systems, which doesn’t send an alert until after the area has been breached. There’s no better way to safeguard merchandise, equipment, sales, and business.

The Terminus Fence Intrusion Detection Systems allow Terminus Shock Sensors to become part of a fence perimeter to signal an alarm when someone climbs, cuts, or lifts the fence fabric or posts. Each intrusion detection kit contains a shock sensor, a molded insert, and a condulet housing. Terminus Shock Sensors have been used on thousands of miles of outdoor chain link fence and reliably detect intrusions in even the most extreme temperature conditions. These rugged kits are successfully protecting thousands of miles of outdoor chain link fence in temperatures as low as 40°F below zero and as high as 160°F.

  • Extended outdoor lifetime of more than 10 years
  • Gold-plated contacts for excellent conductivity
  • Hermetically sealed against dust and corrosive moisture
  • 40 years plating technology to rigorous standards

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