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Terminus Shock Sensors

The Highest Level of Protection Against Perimeter and Physical Barrier Intrusion - Featuring Standard and Recessed Shock Sensor Products


Shock Sensors

Used to defend high-security locations around the world, Terminus Shock Sensors alert customers to entry attempts while any harmful activity is taking place. This early intrusion detection gives you the safety and peace of mind of being able to detect perimeter intrusion before they’re inside most physical barriers.

Terminus Shock Sensors reliably safeguard your assets from intruders, even in the most rugged environments. Terminus Shock Sensors are specially designed to be mounted on physical barriers such as doors, fences, windows, walls, roofs, and more.

In addition, Terminus Shock Sensors provide the highest level of intrusion detection for a variety of financial institution applications, including safes, vaults, ATMs or night depositories.


shock sensors for intrusion detection