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While the coronavirus story continues to develop, we want to assure our customers that Terminus is taking the necessary steps to continue business operations and meet customer’s needs.  In order to ensure safe conditions, we are following all guidelines and recommendations of local and national health agencies. This includes increased hygiene, sanitation, availability of disinfectants, providing additional medical resources, and monitoring public health information as it is made available.  We are informing our employees of the best hygiene practices in the workplace and in sanitizing and hygienic handling of company and customer equipment.

We are also actively monitoring and managing any related supply chain issues. We have taken numerous steps to address and mitigate any potential delays. We are using expedited freight and shipments as needed to keep up with our commitments. We are working with technology suppliers across our industry and others to leverage our supply chains and expedite delivery schedules wherever possible. We are also educating employees on effective prevention methods in accordance with guidelines from CDC.

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Terminus Shock Sensors help defend high-security locations around the world by reporting early warning, unauthorized entry attempts involving harmful activity. The Terminus early warning intrusion detection architecture keeps your premises safe by detecting intruders before they penetrate physical barriers.

Our Shock Sensors reliably safeguard your assets... even in the most rugged environments. Sensors are specifically designed for mounting on physical barriers such as doors, fences, windows, walls, roofs, and more.

Key Features Include:

Standard and Recessed Sensors

Small and attractive brown or white outer housing

Dual Contact Technology reduces false alarms

Gold plated contacts for excellent conductivity

Hermetically sealed against dust and moisture

Engineered for extreme temperatures (-40 F to 160 F)

10 Year Limited Warranty

UL 639 Listed

Integrates with 3rd party systems


Terminus Interior Shock Sensors provide superior perimeter protection and are UL approved for mounting on windows, walls, roofs, ATMs, and night depositories. They are also designed for safes and vaults.

These versatile and dependable seismic sensors are available in standard and recessed form factors.

Terminus Exterior Sensors integrate with your perimeter fencing and/or walls to signal an alarm when someone climbs, cuts or lifts the fence fabric.

They also detect attempted entry through walls by sensing impacts caused when a material is broken, hammered, cut, sawed or strained. The sensors are mountable on wood, brick, cinder block walls, or metal.

Terminus UL-Listed Processors feature microprocessor-based SMD (surface mount device) technology, individual relay outputs, and a choice of glass-break or count select mode.

Terminus processors monitor Terminus shock sensors on a wide variety of surfaces including all types of glass, fencing, masonry, or wallboard.


Airport perimeter protection requires a multi-layered approach for maximum effectiveness. Terminus sensing technologies are an integral part in the equation.

Railways that operate on tracks and other mass transit systems have unique vulnerabilities that can be minimized with Terminus technologies.

Prisons and correctional facilities have unique perimeter detection requirements that can be met using Terminus Perimeter Intrusion Detection technologies.

Critical infrastructure applications, from nuclear plants to petro chemical refineries and fields, maximize their perimeter security with Terminus sensing technologies.


We supply global companies with innovative products created with maximum precision and care. Every shock sensor we sell (over 2 million to date) is hand crafted and manufactured in the USA.



Terminus Shock Sensing Technologies are available from our elite product distribution network. For purchasing assistance, contact us at 866.680.8376.


Terminus is currently building a select dealer network to complement it's distribution outlets.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an authorized reseller or simply want to learn more about our dealer program.

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