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Standard Shock Sensors.jpg

Terminus Interior Shock Sensors provide superior perimeter protection and are UL approved for mounting on windows, walls, roofs, ATMs, and night depositories. They are also designed for safes and vaults.

These versatile and dependable seismic sensors are available in standard and recessed form factors.

Wall Kit.jpg

Terminus Exterior Sensors integrate with your perimeter fencing and/or walls to signal an alarm when someone climbs, cuts or lifts the fence fabric.

They also detect attempted entry through walls by sensing impacts caused when a material is broken, hammered, cut, sawed or strained. The sensors are mountable on wood, brick, cinder block walls, or metal.

Pac A Dap Processor.jpg

Terminus UL-Listed Processors feature microprocessor-based SMD (surface mount device) technology, individual relay outputs, and a choice of glass-break or count select mode.

Terminus processors monitor Terminus shock sensors on a wide variety of surfaces including all types of glass, fencing, masonry, or wallboard.

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